Need a Quick House Sale - The Benefits of selling your house fast with Wirral Home Buyers - Fast, Guaranteed, No Fees, Flexible, Confidential, Personal & Transparent

Selling Your Home Privately has Benefits

Selling your home can be one of the most daunting and stressful processes you may ever go through. Wirral & Chester Local Home Buyers have the experience and knowledge to help you with an efficient and hassle free house sale. Selling your home privately rather than through an estate agent is becoming increasingly popular as there are several benefits.



In the current economic climate, people are still struggling to raise the finances to buy property, houses are sitting on the market for 8 months to a year with little interest. A traditional sale on the open market can take anywhere between 3-8 months, and thats once you've found a buyer!

We will offer immediately and will complete quickly, normally within 4 weeks, or to a time frame that works for you.


On the Open Market 1 in 3 sales with an estate agent falls through, either through a lack of finance or problems further down the homebuyers chain.

We only offer on a property we definitely want to buy, We are not in any chain and financing is in already in place. We will also put legal agreements in place for your protection as the sale proceeds.

We don't back out! If we agree on a sale price we will Complete!


Selling on the open market is the expensive option

  • Estate Agents Fees are typically 1.5 - 3% of the sale price thats (£1500-3000 on a £100000 sale)

  • Solicitor Fees - can be anywhere between £500 - £1000

  • Hips are no longer required but you do still need to have an Energy performance certificate - these can cost £50 plus the hassle of organising it.

Our Service is Free, The price you agree on is the price you get. We will also pay your solicitors fees if you use our recommended solicitor. 


If you are in negative equity or have little or no equity in the property, selling your house on the open market may not be an option, as you would still be left with a debt to pay once you've sold.

We have flexible and creative strategies that can allow you to walk away from your mortgage and debts and get on with your life. Everyones situation is different, so please give us a call to find out how we can help you.


Our service is discrete and 100% confidential. No For Sale board outside your house, No public marketing of your property and No viewings with strangers traipsing through your living room. Nobody else needs to know your business!



We are a local company based on the Wirral, Covering the Wirral, Chester and North Wales Area not a faceless national buyer. We deal with you one to one and our aim is to help you reach a solution that works for you. We are not pushy and will never try and force you to sell your house to us, in fact we may recommend other solutions we feel may be better suited to your circumstances. You will be able to call and discuss any further queries you may have with us to ensure you make the right decision.


We work to a recognised code of ethics, No false promises or complicated jargon. We will explain the whole process clearly and keep you up to date as your sale progresses. We typically offer between 70% and 100% of the actual market value and will explain openly to you why we've made you the offer we have and process going forward.

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If you need to sell your home fast, to arrange a personal consultation with one of our team please fill in the form on the contact page for a prompt call back or alternatively pick up the phone and call us free on 0800 505 3296.