Divorce or Seperation

Going through an unpleasant divorce or seperation. Sell your home, house or property fast so you can move on with your life quickly.

Going through a divorce or seperation?


When we start out in a relationship we rarely intend for it to come to an end, unfortunately sometimes that is the case. Things dont work out for whatever reason and both parties just want to move on with their lives! If only it was that simple, when their are families or properties involved there are often many decisions that need to be made.

  • financial decisions

  • family decisions

  • asset decisions

The task of dividing joint assets can be physically and emotionally draining. The 'Wirral Home Buyers' team of experienced and sensitive advisors can help you sell your property quickly, allowing you to divide your assets or remaining equity, clear outstanding debt so you can both move on with your life.

No Fees, No Survey charges, No hanging around waiting on other people to hopefully sell your house, we offer a fast, guarenteed sale of your property. 

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