Earn £500

Would You like to earn £500?


We are a local company, We operate in the local area and deal with the local community on a day to day basis. We believe word of mouth is our best form of advertising.

Now that you've browsed our site, and can see what Wirral Home Buyers can do to assist people, often in awkward and difficult circumstances, we would like you to spread the word.

If you know of someone who you feel may be in need of our services, or you feel we could help in some way with their current situation please let us know, and tell them about us too.

We pay a £500 Thank You for EVERY property that we conclude a purchase on, as a result of YOUR recommendation.


You do not need to be an existing client to benefit from our referral fee. Perhaps your a concerned parent, or have heard from a friend or work colleague that they are worried or concerned about their current situation. Please tell your contact about us and tell us you have recommended them. We will only then write to your contact to offer our services to see if we can assist them in any way.

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