Moving Abroad

Want to sell your home fast so you can make a new start, find out how selling your home, house or property quickly can allow you to make that break

Are you planning on Moving Abroad?


Are you hoping to start a new life abroad but finding that your exsting property is preventing you from doing so. Has your property been on the market for a while yet you've had little or no success in finding a sale?

With the current economic climate, and the state of the British housing market, selling your home on the open market can, at present, be a slow and drawn out process. Estate agents are typically finding that:

  • It is typically taking between 8-12 months to sell a property on the open market.

  • Vendors are having to drop their asking price by 20% just to generate some interest.

  • Often potential buyers are struggling to raise the 15% deposit needed to buy

  • If they are in a chain could be waiting months to sell their own property before they can buy yours.

  • 1 in 3 open market sales falls through - if your unfortunate enough to have this happen to you, Months have been wasted and your forced to start all over from scratch.

  • Add to all this your agents commission (2-3%), legal fees and the worry and uncertanty over your future, there may just be a better solution.

Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers can help you achieve a quick and guarenteed house sale! Allowing you to move on with the next stage of your life straight away.

Once we agree on a price we get the ball rolling immediately and can easily complete on the sale of your house within 4 weeks. Should your individual circumstances require a faster house sale we can exchange contract and complete within 7 to 10 days. Also our service is free, No agents fees, and we will even pay your legal fees if you use one of our recommended solicitors.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that your house sale will proceed and soon you will be able to begin the next exciting phase of your life.

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