Struggling Landlord

Are you struggling to manage a property or portfolio, speak to us to see how we can reduce the stress and issues involved in property management

Are you Struggling as a Landlord?

Do you have a portfolio, or have accidently found yourself as a landlord managing a second property, is it more of a headache than you initally thought?


Are you losing money and sleep because of:

  • Rental voids

  • Having to manage the property from miles away

  • Tenants that keep damaging the property

  • You have to maintain the property

  • Subsidising the mortgages from your own pocket

Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers can take away the worry of your property by either purchasing it from you or renting it off you for a set period using a lease option, ideal if you have little or no equity, it all depends on your circumstances.

How does a Lease option work?

  1. We agree to buy the property from you at a price we agree today anytime within a set period, normally between 5-10 years.

  2. We will then put a legal agreement in place making ourselves responsible for paying the mortgage, maintaining the property and dealing with the tenants, for the duration of the contract we put in place

  3. We will continue to look after the property until we either complete the purchase at our agreed price, or the contract period comes to an end.

Lease options have been used abroad and in the USA for years as standard, and due to the current economic climate are becoming more and more popular here in the UK. The whole process is handled by our specialised legal team, giving you absolute piece of mind.

Why would this be of benefit to me?

This service would be of benefit if:

  • as a landlord you are unable to cover rental voids.

  • your losing money every month.

  • if you dont want the hassle and stress of dealing with tenants or agents

  • as a landord you dont want to be managing the property from miles away

  • you just want rid of the property, hassle free.

Lease options allow you to get the current market value for your property, meaning that when we complete on the lease option agreement, you may recieve a sum of equity that if you sold today you wouldn't have received.

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Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers can help remove the stress of your rental property immediately, or to find out more about how a lease option works.