Are you struggling with financial worries?

Don't worry you are not the only one.


Not too long ago it was easy to obtain credit, get a loan or extend a credit card limit. We were all bombarded with leaflets and tv advertising urging us to apply for this easy credit. Of course many people did so with out fully assessing the risks involved by thinking further down the line


Many people borrowed to enjoy the extra cash without fully considering how they would re-pay these loans in the future. The recent global recession has added to these problems, causing others to lose their jobs and many people are now struggling to meet the repayments on previous loans.

You may now be in this unfortunate position where you cannot meet you repayments and may possibly lose you home should you fall further behind. If you are considering selling your property to reduce your monthly financial obligations or to maybe release equity in your property to allow you to pay off you debts and start a fresh, your in the right place. Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers can help you achieve the outcome you desire.

If you are considering selling on the open market with an estate agent, properties are taking between 6-12 months to sell, vendors are having to drop the prices by over 20% just to get any interest. This is because the Recession caused my an unpreceidented Global Pandemic is affecting potential buyers ability to obtain mortgages. Traditional Banks and lenders are nervous of whats to come.


If you require a quick house sale to fix your current financial situation this may not be the best route for you.


Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers can make you an immediate offer for your property and help find a solution that gives you what you need depending on your individual circumstances.

  • If you have equity in the property we can help you release it to settle outstanding loans.

  • If you have little of no equity we can take over your mortgage commitments allowing you to free your self from a significant monthly expense.

  • If you are facing repossession we can step in to stop this from happening and help protect your credit rating for your future.


Everybody needs something different and everyones situation is unique.


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