Are you stuck in Negative Equity?

Or maybe Debts are getting on top of you.

We have just experienced the biggest global recession since the 1930's, This recession brought with it a housing crash that has rocked markets around the world, catching many professional analyists off guard. A few years ago it was relatively easy to obtain a mortgage and by property with little if any deposit.

The resulting crash in the market has meant that many people are trapped in "Negative Equity", where the value of their home is less than their outstanding mortgage. So if they need to sell and move on they are unable to do so, as they would still need to find extra funds to pay off their mortgage loan.

At Wirral & Chester - Local Home Buyers we deal with people in this situation on a daily basis, its much more common than you may think, so don't worry your not on your own. Our team of expert solicitors and brokers have the solutions you need to free yourself from the burden of your property.

By using flexible strategies such as a 'lease option', we would take over your property, its maintenance and the outstanding debt associated with it. All we ask from you is an open mind and a flexible approach as we explain these solutions to you. This would allow you to move on with your life, move away, buy a different property whatever you want to do.

Even in Negative Equity we have solutions that can help you sell your hopme.


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