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‘We can’t go back to business as usual’

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Will the coronavirus change the way we spend, shop and invest our money, long after the virus is history? Will we abandon city centre offices, with many more permanently working from home? Or will we return to all our past practices once this grim episode is over?

Guardian Money asked experts in finance, the workplace, property, food and the environment to set out what they think will emerge in the medium term.

Right now the priority has to be fighting Covid-19. But we also have to prepare for the coming recession, and the impact it will have on working families’ jobs and living standards.

One thing is clear: even once we’re through this crisis, we can’t go back to business as usual.

Individualism, nationalism and free market economics couldn’t surmount this crisis. Instead, in an emergency, it was common purpose, collectivism and social partnership that stepped up.

We’ve seen what we can achieve working together and thinking differently – people staying at home to protect our NHS, businesses and unions working together to keep people in their jobs, manufacturers switching production to life-saving ventilators, neighbours all over the country shopping for older people nearby.

We’ve been reminded of how much we all depend on the labour of ordinary working people to keep our homes and our country running. It’s not right that many of the workers we have needed the most – carers, shop workers, cleaners, warehouse staff, delivery drivers – still get paid the least. Read More

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